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    The Amber Book, Ake Dahlstrom, Leif Brost

    € 27,00 incl. BTW
    Model: Engelstalig Harde kaft
    Type: The Amber Book

    Barnsteen van a tot z. Historie, bewerking, fossielen, imitatie, vindplaatsen, alles komt aan bod. Een engelse recensie: This excellent book on amber contains details of amber's formation, geographical locations, history, folklore, identification and present-day importance in jewelry. Although small in size and number of pages, this book is packed full of useful and fascinating information about amber and its past. The authors have included all the relevant scientific information that is required to examine and identify amber from its imitations. With nearly 100 photographs, 65 in full color, the book is a visual pleasure to read and enjoy. A historical timeline is presented in chart form to help put the formation of amber into perspective. Amber has trapped within it a multitude of ancient plant and animal life giving us a window into the past. World maps show the present and past locations where amber is found, with interesting photographs to reveal how amber is harvested. Curious stories describe myths and folklore. The details of testing and sorting amber from its imitations are well explained even for the layperson. A two-page bibliography and a list of major amber collections complete this book. This well-organized book is not only useful for the gemmologist, but can bring joy to the collector, jeweller or anyone who has an interest in amber. In conclusion, if you want to know more about amber, this book is an excellent resource.

    • The Amber Book, Ake Dahlstrom en Leif Brost
    • Harde kaft, Engelstalig
    • Afmetingen: 170x232mm
    • Inhoud 135 pagina's
    • Gewicht 430 gram
    • ISBN 0-945005-23-7
    • Rijk geïllustreerd met kleur- en ZW afbeeeldingen