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    Boek: Geodes, nature's treasures - Cross Culp-Zeitner sc

    € 25,95

    Geodes, Nature's Treasures. Een boek over dit specifieke mineraal fenomeen. Brad Cross en June Culp Zeitner zijn de samenstellers van dit prachtig geïllustreerde boek. Engelse recensie: In this book two renowned experts share their lifelong passion for geodes and their extensive knowledge of world-class geode deposits as they present the latest theories on the formation and occurrence of these amazing mineral gifts of nature. Visit the geode mines of Northern Mexico and Southern Brazil with Brad Cross. Learn the geode mining process and how the astonishing treasures hidden inside are uncovered. Travel with June Culp Zeitner as she explores vast geode deposits throughout the Midwestern U.S. that provide a recorded history of the ancient seas that once covered the land. Discover Florida's ocean harvest of unparalleled agatized geodes. Meet the close cousins of geodes--thundereggs, septarians and concretions. See over 140 full-color photos of geodes that defy description! Van de uitgever: The most comprehensive book ever written on geodes of the Americas--a definite reference for serious collectors and a delightful mineral exploration for both experts and novices.

    • Geodes, Nature's Treasures
    • Gem Guides Book Co (April 30, 2006)
    • Brad L. Cross / June Culp-Zeitner
    • SoftCover, Engelstalig 292 pagina's
    • Formaat 185x235mm
    • Gewicht circa 765 gram